Harrison County

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Located just a short drive down I-79 from Morgantown & Fairmont, Harrison county offers a mix of rural and suburban living. Clarksburg, the county seat, was originally home to the indengious Hopewell Mound Builders who built the Oak Mounds here between 1 and 1000 CE. In more recent centuries, Clarksburg became the home for many Italian immigrants. Settling here to work in the coal mines, the Italian-American culture is still vibrant today in terms of both local dining options and the popular Italian Heritage Festival which happens annually on Labor Day weekend.

Neighboring community, Bridgeport, offers a quaint but vibrant downtown shopping and dining district along with first-class recreation facilities and a top-rated school system.

Harrison County is also home to the FBI’s Criminal Justice Information Services (CJIS) division. The largest division of the FBI employs approximately 2,500 and provides services to over 18,000 law enforcement agencies across the country. Commerce abounds in the Charles Pointe and White Oaks communities where you’ll find a variety of dining and shopping options, along with WVU Medicine’s United Hospital Center. Additionally, Harrison County is home to the North Central West Virginia airport. Traveling is easy with daily flights on both Allegiant and United Airlines.